Private Placement Markets Expands its Operations to the Cayman Islands

Steve Muehler today announced that the Private Placement Markets is in the process of Opening a Satellite Office in the Cayman Islands and Registering as a Listing Agent for the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange.

Mr. Steve Muehler, Founder & President of Private Placement Markets, today announced the firm is in the final phase of establishing a Satellite Office and submitting an application with the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange to become a Listing Agent for Corporate Securities.

The Cayman Islands Stock Exchange launched in 1997 and has established itself as a gateway to the global markets and a leading exchange for sophisticated products including investment funds, structured debt securities, insurance linked securities and equity securities.

According to Steve Muehler, “with the global climate of geo-political risks, the world moving towards a more digital driven interlinked data network, and a world with more open boarders for the trade of products and services, we anticipate that the offshore stock exchanges like the Bermuda Stock Exchange and the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange to become the premier trading houses of a large group of new emerging companies and funds. The fact these are tax free zones, are open to earlier stage companies and funds, have competitive listing fees and allow a company to go from application to listing at a much faster pace than the traditional stock exchanges, make these markets more favorable to the more sophisticated microcap and small-cap international companies and funds, entities we traditionally work well with.”

The Completed Listing Agent Application is expected to be submitted before the end of 2020 with the Office opening very early in 2021.

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